Job insights with salesforce configurator Yiyi

Yiyi, you are from China. During your educational time you lived in New Zealand and now you are here with us in Germany. How do you feel as one of our international employees at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (T-Systems MMS)?

I feel very happy to be a part of a great team, which allows me to contribute my knowledge to projects and enrich my experience. We have dynamic and adaptive staff members, who actively help us to integrate into the company. For me it is a privilege to work at T-Systems MMS and I hope that more international colleagues will join the company, so that we can expand our capacity to handle more and successful projects inside and outside of Europe.  


What is the first thing you do when arriving at your office in the morning?

I turn on my computer and check if any important issues need to be handled immediately. 


Which are the 3 most important qualities people need when working in configuring Salesforce in customer projects?

First of all, people need practical experience of how to work in Salesforce projects. Second, they need abundant knowledge of the Salesforce system. Third, a collaborative spirit, as team work is very important for us. 


Can you shortly describe your typical day at work?

After having arrived at work, I am used to checking the ToDos for the day, setting up priorities and starting with the most important and urgent tasks. Later, I take part in project meetings to discuss issues and next steps. After lunch I work further on tasks or meet colleagues to exchange information about project progress. A really big part of the job includes understanding the customer requirements and methods of implementing them.


Are there any challenges in your current position?

Yes, we do have some challenges. One challenge is to apply Salesforce experience acquired in previous projects into new ones. As each project comes up with unique and specific customer requirements, we cannot always utilize the same solution like we did before. So each time we need new enhanced methods and solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients.


What do you like most about your job?

I like our projects and the interactions with my team members. All of them work efficiently, and quickly.  We try to define project approaches quickly and then come up with good solutions. Usually people at T-Systems MMS focus on projects as priority and don’t do hundreds of additional other tasks at the same time, which ensures rapid development and project quality.The other point I like is that we have an international spirit. Even though we are in Germany, our project teams have many international colleagues. My projects, as an example, have team members from Russia and India. Our project managers and team members utilize strengths of the diversity to achieve our project goals successfully. We can switch between English and German flexibly, which minimizes cultural or linguistic barriers. I am thrilled to work in such an environment to improve my language and Salesforce skills.